The Critics'Award
Yossi Lemel, Israel
Statutes of the Critics‘ Prize

The Critics‘ Prize is the acknowledgement of an author, a group of authors, a work or a set of works, exhibited at the International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno. The Prize is awarded by the Brno Biennial Organizing Committee.

The Critics’ Prize is awarded independently on the decision of the Brno Biennial International Jury, or of any other Biennial Exhibition Juries. That is why the Prize is awarded only at the end of the Exhibition. The prime purpose of the Critics’ Prize is to provide moral support to the authors who present themselves as particularly original or who contribute to developing new trends in graphic design.

There is only one single Prize and the awarded author (or group of authors) receive a diploma.

As an auxiliary body for the Critics’ Prize there is a jury, consisting of three members; the members are one independent art critic and two expert editors professionally active in graphic design.

The Organizing Committee’s decision in awarding the Critics’ Prize is based on the results of a non-anonymous poll, in which all art critics and expert editors who visit the Biennial can participate. Voting may be done by e-mail as well ( The Organizing Committee sends a voting ticket to critics and editors together with an invitation to visit the Brno Biennial; the voting ticket is also available at the Brno Biennial website ( All those interested in voting may get a voting ticket from the Brno Biennial Secretariat or at the ticket offices of the exhibition buildings.

At the same time as awarding the Critics’ Prize, the Organizing Committee will also publish the general result of the poll.